Motorcycle How To: Bypass Kickstand Switch

 The stock kickstand safety switches really suck. They wear out, get gummed up, and become inoperable over time..............and then they are ridiculously expensive to replace. This video shows you how to bypass it with our OEM harness plug.

Motorcycle How To: Set Clutch Cable Freeplay

A common thing I see is incorrect cable slack (aka freeplay).

This video shows the simple and easy way of what to look for and how to set it.

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Z125 Heavy Duty Clutch Spring Install

These give a much better clutch feel and hold up to "clutch up's" much better than the stocker.

If you're an aggressive rider or using our ice studs these are a must.

(motorcycle mods, motorcycle how to)

Z125 Quick Turn Throttle Installation

This throttle substantially reduces the amount of rotation it takes to go from zero to wide open. 

Awesome for the little bikes and a very cost effective upgrade. Also much stronger than the stock tube.

(motorcycle mods, motorcycle how to)

Z125 GP Shift Conversion Installation

How to install our gp shift conversion kit. Reverses the shifter to a much more intuitive 1 up 3 down pattern.

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